Effective Nov. 6, 2017 Site Safety Plans Are Mandatory on All Jobs Requiring Superintendents


Effective Nov. 6, 2017, Site Safety Plans (SSPs) are mandatory on all jobs requiring a Registered Construction Superintendent, as per Local Law 81 of 2017.

  • All Site Safety Plans must be in compliance with Article 104 (Construction Documents) and Article 110 (Site Safety Plan) of New York City Administrative Construction Codes and must comply with the Minimum Content of site Safety Plan Submissions Industry Notice.

  • Site Safety Plan for jobs requiring a Construction Superintendent does not need to be submitted to the DOB for review and approval. Please see DOB INDUSTRY NOTICE

  • Site Safety Plan and all revisions to the plan must be signed and dated by the preparer of the plan. Revisions must be clearly highlighted.

  • Site Safety Plan and all revisions to the SSP must always be kept on site until all work is completed and signed off.
Failure to have an adequate Site Safety Plan on site and readily available may result in a FULL STOP work order.