Pre-shift safety meetings for workers at construction sites

pre-shift safety meeting of workers at construction site

Effective May 16, 2018, a permit holder at a site that requires a site safety manager, site safety coordinator or construction superintendent must ensure that each construction or demolition worker employed or otherwise engaged at such site by the permit holder or performing subcontracted work for or on behalf of such permit holder takes part in a safety meeting at the beginning of the worker’s shift, and before the worker begins any construction or demolition work in the shift.

The safety meeting must be held under the following conditions:

  1. The pre-shift meeting must be conducted by a Competent Person who has the ability to communicate with each worker who takes part in the meeting
  2. Content: The meeting covers a review of activities and tasks to be performed during the shift, including specific safety concerns or risks associated with the work.
  3. Records: The permit holder must maintain a record of at least one pre-shift safety meeting per week for each worker.

The records must include the following:

  • The date and time of when the meeting was held.
  • The name, title and company associated to each worker who participated.
  • The name, title and company association of the competent person who held the meeting.
  • The signature of the competent person who conducted the meeting.
  • Failure to conduct pre-shift safety meetings or keep records of these meetings may result in the imposition of penalties.

    For further information, read Local Law 204 and BC 3301.12 and BC 3301.12.3, found on the Department’s website.