Beginning Monday, May 24, 2021, sidewalk shed removal and earthwork notifications must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build.

Sidewalk Shed Removal Notifications

As per 2014 NYC Building Code ยง3307.6.5.11 the permit applicant is required to submit Sidewalk Shed Removal Notification within two days of complete removal of the sidewalk shed.

Sidewalk shed removal notifications for all BIS and DOB NOW jobs must be submitted in DOB NOW.

Earthwork Notifications

Earthwork Notification is required 24-48 hours in advance of the earthwork commencing and needs to include the 811 (Call Before You Dig) Confirmation Number.

Earthwork notifications for all BIS jobs must be submitted in DOB NOW. As part of the December 2020 expansion, notifications for DOB NOW Earthwork jobs will continue to be submitted in DOB NOW.

For more information please check DOB Service Notice.

May 21, 2021